Thursday, 7 March 2013

The sky is falling.

I have found it hard to write about life here lately. Life has been stagnant aside from my wondrous child. When I think we were in Australia not much longer than six weeks ago I can barely believe myself. It feels as though we have been here for months. So much has happened and yet so little has happened too.

With a case of the Winter blues we are finally moving toward a new season and with it, a very new way of life. It's difficult to change when the cold is constant, especially when the snow is clinging to the ground, so I hope the weather will help us as the days become longer and the warmth of the sun reaches our skin, energizing us again.

We are reading, planning and discussing the future everyday. Ideas and plans are revealing themselves in our busy minds. We really don't know what will happen in the months to come. It excites me to think about it though, the possibilities seem endless and I'm looking forward to seeing some of these things come to fruition. We will have to wait and see and as they unfold I will write openly about them here.

So, with not much more to say for today, let me tell you a little story instead.

Her head was hot and heavy as the dark, cold walls seemed to grow together. Trapped like a spider in a jar there was no way out. In silent panic her eyes reached the window of dreams. A shining snow crystal caught her gaze and she watched it gently descend to its resting place on the frozen earth. Her fast beating heart slowed and a calmness seeped through her. She closed her eyes and her mind escaped the confineds of its body prison and reached to the wild outside, to the falling snow. A sea of whiteness immersed her. She looked up, the cold flakes grazing her soft skin as they fluttered silently downward. The white sky is falling she thought. And she smiled at the beauty and the tragedy of it all.

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