Photo by: Maree Jamieson

It all began on a farm in Australia. My parents left their city life and began anew on the land. I was the first and my brother came 18 months after. I lived a simple and natural life, surrounded by nature and animals and had an overwhelming love for dance. I was shy and unsure of myself but I had big dreams, I still do. I felt like I could do anything. My passion for dance was unyielding and I spent the majority of my youth doing just that. Then I was accepted into a dance school in Perth and as soon as I graduated high school I was off to the other side of the country and and new chapter in my life.

At times still shy and almost always unsure of myself, I began my training and made new friends and a new life away from the protection of my country home and family. I met people from around the world and learned, to a certain extent, to take care of myself. It was scary and my training was hard physically and mentally. That year I met a boy, an older boy from Sweden and I fell in love. He was a free spirit, adventurous, curious, intelligent, exciting and so talented. He both amazed me and terrified me. What I felt for him was unlike anything I felt before and he became my whole world. At the end of that year he decided to return to Sweden. I continued my training in Perth but my body and my heart struggled. My boy and I spoke almost everyday but I didn't want to be without him and my doubt in my abilities as a dancer began to grow. This is when I decided to move to Sweden and after several months of planning, waiting and working I was finally able to get on that plane. No regrets, no fear. I was 19.

The last two years have been life changing in so many ways it's too long to list. My eyes are finally opening to the real world and I have started to turn some of those big dreams into a reality.  New passions have emerged after months of frustration and hardships. I am still hopelessly in love. Young love is the strongest and that love has now grown into something more, something better than magic. Our nature child was born in May 2012 and it has been a humbling, heart warming experience. I can never say how much I feel for my baby boy but he fascinates me and I am learning from him in the most extraordinary and beautiful ways every day. I could hardly believe my luck when I first met him, holding him in my arms and looking into his dark, wise eyes. To be forever grateful for my gift will always be an understatement.

Now, as we settle into life as a family my new passion in deeply ingrained in me. Photography is a part of my life that has always been so big and yet has remained hidden, in the background while I was dancing my way through life. Now that part of my youth has ended and picture taking is what stirs my dreams and gets my heart pumping in its stead.

We are living an ever changing and beautiful life in simplicity and in many respects nonconformity. Our dreams are bigger than ever and our passions stronger than ever. This is our adventure.....

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  1. Your son is very cute, he must take after his Uncle and Grandfather.