Thursday, 28 February 2013

Trapped in a perfect place, then happiness.

Today was one of the days where words poured freely from me but were tainted with bitterness and long lasting frustration. I have been feeling trapped here, now that we have been in our tiny home for Winter and I long for a big house with magical friends with wild dreams and a place to grow our food in the earth to fill our bellies with its goodness. I am slowly making what I want in life, turning my crazy ideas into reality and sometimes that is crushing, somedays I am uninspired and wonder if my head is just in the clouds. There are sleepless nights and constant criticisms mostly from within then the joy and excitement of it all comes rushing back in as if it had never gone. That it the beauty of it. Nothing would be worth the struggle and pain if what was waiting at the end wasn't spectacular. So I will continue with my head as high as I can lift it and when I get met with blows I will fight back.

Instead of frustration and bitterness I am letting go and filling myself with gratitude of all the things I have in life now. I will dive back into my dream world and make them all real because I can. I hope you will too.

And now here is a photo I took the other day because taking photos is what I do these days.

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1 comment:

  1. Alux, come and stay in Hagen with us. From may till september. You can take care of all the gardening and I'll watch August and play golf/Pia