Saturday, 30 March 2013

Making of a home

I have moments where I want to run free and travel and leave behind any notion of a home but this tiny place where we have lived the last two years, where August was conceived and where he has spent the first precious months of his life is as much a home as it can be. When I first moved in I shared the house with three other boys and as time went on we saw lots of faces come and go for shorter or longer periods. I felt a little like it was a half-way house like it was the house to visit as each person found their way in the big city or where passers through could find somewhere to rest. From then it has slowly evolved into our family home and even though we may not own this space we have filled it with more love and laughter, anguish, tears and joy than I thought possible. We have crammed the corners with things we love, mostly old and preloved bits and pieces we have found. And although we could leave tomorrow, today it is ours and lived in with happiness.

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