Monday, 21 January 2013

The final days

The day arrived to leave the sunny side of the Earth, not knowing when we could come again. We have said goodbye many times now and in some ways goodbyes get easier in others they get harder. Leaving my family and friends is normal now. I have been doing it for years and I've always looked forward not back, not at what I'm leaving behind. But now I have a growing child and I want to savour my time with him and those I love and leaving becomes harder again. I'm not as wreckless as I once was when I was newer to the world and to love. 

After a four day trip full of delays on the way to Australia, I was anxious about the long flight back with just a playful and restless August and his mama. It is too long for a baby and too long for a tired mother but as usual my baby boy was patient and happy. We played lots which made the time disappear and made us both giggle, catching the attention of the other travellers around us and sparking more than a few smiles from them. 

We were greeted in Sweden by snow covered fields and by my lovely Swedish family. After hot drinks and a tired August falling asleep in my arms we went home and to bed, cosy under the sheets together, untouched by the cold outside. We slept for what seemed like days and woke to the sun resting on the carpet of glistening snow, so different from the dry, hot place we just came from, and patiently waited for papa to arrive home.

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