Saturday, 12 January 2013

Husband and wife and getting older

This week one year ago as it gently snowed outside in the darkness, I married the boy of my dreams while our tiny child blossomed inside of me. A moment when we promised the world to each other. A moment that was unforgettable.
Rasmus turned a year older and yesterday, it was my turn too. It was nice to be home for this birthday but it's bitter sweet, getting older always is. To mark our anniversary we went skinny dipping together in the heat of a summer afternoon and covered each other in silky mud, letting the sun dry us. We ran wild, naked and muddy, content to be in nature and with each other. I'll always feel young with Rasmus. He is spontaneous and full of love, adventurous and carefree. He keeps me fascinated and excited in a world of adult normalcy and I wonder if we'll ever grow up and become like other married couples. Sometimes I wish we would because life would be simpler in many ways but we strive too much for the unusual, for the amazingness in life and I don't think I could have it any other way. It just wouldn't be us and 'us' is the only thing there is. Maybe that sounds cruel but I know that other lovers must feel the same.

For Rasmus...
My best friend and father of our child who you adore with all your being. You are part of my own soul now. I have learned from you and loved you, grown with you and brought a new being into the world with you. I will be forever grateful that I found you. It scares me to think how close we came to never meeting. How far apart we existed. But now everything is as it should be and you are mine and I am yours.

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  1. So incredibly beautiful. Both of them!