Friday, 25 January 2013


I have been afraid of my body and of peoples' judgment before and for a long time and it made me reluctant about posting such an exposing and private image. But this blog is about me and my family and in many senses it's a way for me to challenge myself and take a step forward in conquering my fears.

After having August and living through one of the greatest changes a woman can experience I have realised how lucky and incredible it is that my body can create and sustain such a beautiful little life. I will always be in awe of the power it has now even with my stretched skin and mother marks. They are my trophies of living life, of creating life.

Being naked together happens often for us. I love to be at home, dressed in nothing but my bare skin, close to my baby and lover. August is fascinated with bodies. Not entirely aware of his own yet, he looks and touches ours. Hands, stomach, breasts. He wonders and touches and it's beautiful. I hope we can raise him to be open minded about people and their bodies and teach him that the imperfections are often the most exquisite parts.

I know that when he's older he will break away from me, become independent and not want me so near. But for now he is my baby boy, the open and warm creature I grew inside of me. For now he is a part of me and before age has reached him, I will savour my limited time with openness and ease and all the love I can give.

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  1. Alyx this is the most delightful photo. Equally delightful are your words about how you feel about being a mother and how natural nakedness is but yet still taboo. I admire you for facing your own challenges and breaking down the barriers.