Monday, 8 October 2012

To the West

Sunday morning with Grandma

We left for the train on Friday evening. It was peak hour and Central station was crowded with the usual rush of people dragging their luggage impatiently behind them, tickets in hand. I love the feeling of being at a busy train station or airport where people are arriving and leaving, suitcases packed. It means endless possibilities, dreams and life lived. We left as the sun was setting and August looked out of the window, fascinated as the countryside rushed past the window and reached towards the glow of the late afternoon sun. I laughed until I cried as he giggled wildly and screeched with delight while playing with Rasmus and I. He also made friends with a curious two year old boy who came up to us often to wave at August and waited patiently, but without luck for a response. From door to door we travelled for a little over five hours and we arrived at Rasmus's parents' house tired and happy. We ate a late dinner by lit candles and a crackling fire, while August slept peacefully by my side. After several hours of talking and laughing I too was fast asleep and happy to be in a different place.

A pretty, old tree I found in a courtyard off the busy street
An Autumn shot by Rasmus

The Autumn markets were on in town and it was a glorious Autumn day. The yellowing trees glowing in the sun as we explored. The town was alive with activity and the smell of donuts and candy floated in the air. Children ran through the crowd with their helium filled balloons, high from too much sugar or slumped on their parents' chest, fast asleep after so much excitement. We could hear screams from the flashing carnival rides in the distance, carelessly flinging people about. We met lots of friends that day and then later that night we left our sleeping baby boy for the first time in the hands of his wonderful grandparents and rejoined the world of wild, young things in the night. It was a strange feeling.

Mini Cacti that I wanted to take home

The rest of our time was spent lounging around the pretty house, drinking coffee and playing with a social little boy outdoors, taking advantage of the last weeks of sun and August's growing curiosity.

On the way home the train was overfilled. We had no seats and couldn't move because our chunky luggage wouldn't fit through the thin doorways. I fed August in the corridors and tried my best to entertain him as people pushed past us. He seemed happy to be amidst all the chaos. I met some friendly travellers who had just moved to Sweden to study and who spent alot of time cheerily, observing August before all three of us found seats and quickly fell asleep, helped along by the comforting motion of the train. 

Cosy on the sofa
Autumn from inside
A happy little boy playing with his grandfather

Now we are home again and after only one day I'm as restless as ever and can't wait to leave on our next adventure. 

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  1. These photos are so incredible! And what a beautiful little happy baby. So Cute.

    <3 Melissa