Saturday, 13 October 2012


Today is a day where I dream of living in a warm climate. I never thought of myself as coming from a hot place but now that I live here in Sweden, my home state Victoria seems almost tropical. I know it can be cold and miserable but the summers are long and hot and backyards are filled with makeshift pools and sprinklers in an effort to escape the searing heat.

My childhood was filled with warm hazy days where I had an endless backyard and played in the trees with my brother, making up magical worlds and spaceships out of wood and watched the kangaroos hopping in the distance. I can't wait to watch August do the same.

I like our little apartment here but I long for a home of our own. Somewhere with friends and family close. I have always wanted to have bees and have our own delicious honey, an over grown garden to get lost in and to be able to grow our own food. Having August grow up somewhere magical like that would mean the world to me, so healthy and rewarding. Every day he grows and discovers more I wish we lived in a place similiar to my childhood home and experience mother nature at her best.

My brother and I playing in our backyard. He was knight and I was a queen.

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