Sunday, 28 October 2012


We are back from our few days in the sun. It was too short but very sweet. We travelled through the dark night to arrive on a hot Sunday morning and although we had some hiccups along the way, to my relief, August was so calm and patient. 
We stayed with our wonderful but busy family and August met his cousins and aunty for the first time. I was unadventurous but spent my days taking long strolls along the beach, August sitting on my chest so happy to be out in the open. I introduced him to the ocean as it danced on the sand coloured rock shore. Our afternoons were filled with playful laughter and games with the big kids and in the evenings, after bedtime for the little ones, I could hear the crystal clear ocean and the noisy traffic below, from their big apartment high above. 
I made a lovely new mama friend with a blue eyed little girl and we spoke about our new lives as mothers living away from home. I missed Rasmus lots and was so happy to see him when he greeted us late at night after landing in Sweden to take us home to bed and much needed sleep.
We miss them and their warm island already.     

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