Saturday, 20 October 2012

A home and adventures

The last two days have been wild days, both exciting and stressful adventures. On Wednesday evening Rasmus and I found a house that looked like it came from a Swedish fairytale. We went to see the house on Thursday, against all odds it seemed... missing trains, late and expensive taxis and I was sick with sore, swollen eyes. Everything that could have gone wrong on the way there, did. But eventually we found the pretty, yellow house over looking a mirror, still lake and fell a little bit in love. The nice, real estate man drove us back to town and then another long train trip home followed. In between snoozing and playing with August we wondered if we were ready to move so far away from the big city.

Now today, with my still swollen eyes and a restless little boy I am frantically getting ready to leave our comfortable bed in the middle of the night and travel to a warm and sunny island. This will be my first trip away with just me and August so I'm a little nervous but am happy it's a short flight there. I know it will be nice to feel the warm sun again.

Here are some more pictures of the ever changing Autumn here in Sweden.

A pretty rose Rasmus brought home for me today

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