Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Sprouting a green life

As time rolls on and August changes and grows each new day, the way in which we live has been an enduring and regular thought in my mind. I rarely considered the impact our daily lives had on our little part of world but after becoming a mother, leaving my reckless teen years behind and observing others who are in a similar situation to ourselves, that idea is slowly turning into a new chapter of discover and a new chapter in our lives. I know that the way we live now will have an enormous impact on August's life and therefore our lives too and I want those impressions to be natural and positive. The way we eat, the things we buy and how we act toward other beings. In a city and world filled with an obsession for 'things', I hope we can raise him in a way that will encourage him to learn and explore every day and to enjoy life to the utmost without depending on material possessions. I'm happy to say that we are growing more accustomed to that way of living constantly, and now we will improve on the way we treat our bodies and our environment. It will be slow progress but we are learning more all the time.


  1. Hi Alyx, Just read your post and thought you might appreciate this....
    Tibetan Buddhist Prayer

    May you be at peace,
    May your heart remain open.
    May you awaken to the light of your own true nature.
    May you be healed,
    May you be a source of healing for all beings.


  2. It's a beautiful prayer Deb. I will have to put that in a place where I can see it often. Thank you so much for sending it!