Monday, 9 December 2013

Ode to the rain

I wrote this post just a few short weeks ago before the Winter white came. I didn't have any desire to share it then and before long it was forgotten. Rasmus rediscovered it today and considering the weather here shapes our lives so much I decided to share.   


Heavy dew drop sit on bare skinned trees, so large and heavy they look like they could be crystals, permanent jewelry fixtures to decorate their new nakedness. Sweden is wet, cold and an almost constant shade of grey this time of the year and it's easy to feel the effects in a negative way. So I watch and admire the downpour that has stayed with us into the night and made the streets glisten when the light returns. In our northern ecosystem this rain keeps us alive and fresh. Oh how I would have longed for its cooling beauty if I lived where it was scarce. Living here however, it becomes a habit to wish it away. I have many times. But there is something hauntingly magical about watching it roll down the windows or feeling droplets gently land on bare hands and noses. 

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  1. It's like that here today. Very different from normal summer weather. I think of it watering the veggie garden and I am content.

    1. Good to think of it that way! I don't think a veggie garden would be too happy about the cold here now though.