Monday, 23 September 2013

Mornings in the wild

Wild things grow untamed and unhindered in the cool, moist air. Below the cabin, at the bottom of a rugged hill overlooking the world there is a gleaming blue lake. Still sometimes and reflecting the sky above, other times turbulent and angry like the ocean, it is magic. The blue water is surrounded by islands and a never ending forest. The mornings are white with a mist that engulfs all until the sun lights up the countryside, making the dew sitting heavy on the leaves, shimmer and the usually invisible spider webs, reveal their hidden resting places. Some mornings, after the white has gone and our path is cleared, we walk. The moss covered forest floor cushions our steps and we look for my favourite, golden mushrooms camouflaged underneath the yellowing leaves. Light leaks between the ancient trees making the branches glow. It is like something out of a fairy tale I heard as a child but it's real and it's now. We pause and stay silent, listening to the forest. The birds sing and my breath seems so loud but I don't want to muffle it. I want to inhale long and deep with cool, fresh air reaching my lungs. I expect August to yell into the silence but he is quiet and observant, fascinated just as we are.

Rasmus carries August on his chest. My growing belly makes it hard for me to wear the carrier now. We walk home and it takes longer than we expect. As usual we have wandered far. Our baby boy is asleep and hanging limp on Rasmus by the time we reach the cabin. We carefully undress him and lay his tiny body down under layers of warm blankets. With cold, stiff hands Rasmus and I make a fire in the sturdy, one hundred year old fire place and let the heat sink into our cold skin. We are lulled into a trance as we sit and gaze at the hypnotic flames lick the blackened chimney. Time moves quickly. When August wakes he sits content in my arms and reaches his little hand toward the glowing warmth of the flames, giggling when he feels the heat on his palm. Our morning has ended and the afternoon has come.


For those who haven't seen, here is a small interview I did for the wonderful blog and kind creator of barefoot and frolicking

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  1. Your photography is beautiful. I loved seeing your family, reminds me so much of my own years with babies. This is "the time of your life" and you have a beautiful family. Thanks for letting us in with your lovely blog posts.

    1. Thank you for kind words Mark! We are enjoying our time with little ones as much as possible. Life only comes once!