Sunday, 26 May 2013

The forest

Forest lovers on a Friday at dusk. Our mountain hideaway and its leafy surrounds calls to us as the sun splatters colours across the sky and the giant, pale moon slowly rises from the horizon. The beginning of Elderflowers are a sweet reminder of the wild food I will be using in the kitchen all too soon. The air is still but fresh and the birds sing happily, filling my body with beautiful sensations. August crawls and climbs and walks, we follow him closely as he plays. His clothes turn dark from dirt and I remove small twigs from his hair. As the colours in the sky grow deeper our little one gets sleepy and cries for the warmth of my arms and milk. I sit comfortably and as I feed August I make a small forest offering, a 'celebration' as Rasmus calls it. The baby of my dreams falls into a deep and easy sleep in my lap as I finish my tiny creation and we say farewell to a magical Spring evening.

Below is the first small film of what I hope will be many more to come. Very rough but mine all the same.

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  1. The words, the sentences, the photographs, the movie. Everything is just very beautiful! You have talent.
    Continue with what you are doing!
    /Jenny Larsson

  2. Just wonderful! As always//Pia

  3. Jag skickade gratulationshälsningar gällande Augusts födelsedag till en av Rasmus' e-posts, så jag är osäker om den lästes. Hur som haver, gratulerar August med dagen!