Monday, 15 April 2013

Spring wilderness

Spring in Sweden means deep, moss covered forests with soft, golden light bathing the semi frozen ground and trees. It means fires in the evening with smoke that seems to change colour as it rises into the cold air and glowing sunsets bringing with them the bitter chill of the nights. It means late walks in the trees when the world is quiet and the moon reflects off the ice and water so it feels like you're living in a dream world and Spring means the first swim of the year in the cold water. 

We met an old Chinese man while sitting in the sun one day who spoke only Mandarin but managed to explain to Rasmus how to make me a quarts necklace. Then he watched us skim stones across the water while enjoying his cigarette and listening to old chinese music blaring from his phone before continuing on his way. 

Spring in Sweden in like being reborn again and you can see it in everyone's eyes. Winters here are long and hard and when the weather turns people seem to transform too, worshipping the sun and warmth like in no other place I've been. 

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  1. Men var är Ni? Och badade Rasmus? Fina fina foton Alyx. Men jag saknar kort på Dig och August/ pia