Saturday, 5 January 2013

A new year

I felt apprehensive on New Year's Eve, anxious and a little sad. I didn't feel like I was ready to part from the old year, I felt dissatisfied, in need of something magical to happen. I had a trivial fight with my mama and almost all our plans were thwarted which wasn't improving my melancholic state. Amazingly though, we all seemed to make up in time and headed into the city during the cooling evening to enjoy New Year adventures together. We visited my grandparents where my aunt and uncle were also staying before catching the overfilled tram to the city. By then, the troubles of the day were forgotten. I, just like the city, was buzzing. It was filled with loud and brightly dressed party goers shouting and laughing with drunken joy. August slept nuzzled against my chest, stirring only occasionally when the noise peaked. When the fireworks came with the New Year in tow the city cheered and clapped. August lay still, in a deep sleep by then, unaware of the big bangs and the thousands of people surrounding us. Rasmus kissed me gently and I hugged him close while looking down at my sleeping baby. We were like ants then, surrounded by the rest of the chaos but I felt like we were the centre of the universe, in our little family hug that I loved so much.  

A family shower 

Now the celebrations have passed and are instead replaced with long family visits and meals and a race do do all the things we wanted to in the last days of our Australian stay. I was anxious about going back but now, surprisingly, I have a little tingle of excitement which I hope will last well into my return. 

Secret conversations in the garden.

Images two, three and four taken by my mama.

A self portrait taken while playing with the timer on my camera.

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