Monday, 31 December 2012

A warm Christmas

The days have been hot and bright and we have spent hours running through the cooling sprinkler that sprayed water and rays of sun through an overgrown tree to make a beautiful nature shower that replenished both the garden and ourselves. We laughed so much watching August with his papa in the cool water and loved every moment of warming and long hugs as we dried in the afternoon sun, living moments I only dreamed of when I was pregnant.

August with wrapping paper taken by my mama.

Our sparkling Christmas was busy, full of family and friends. On Christmas morning we woke to a familiar pine tree smell. I have always loved that smell but as a child I felt sad for the poor Christmas tree stuck in a box inside, even with all its dazzle. We celebrated over two days and I have never enjoyed Christmas as much as I did this year. Being with the people that I rarely see anymore I had forgotten how being a part of the chaos that comes with a big family feels. Laughing and water fights, long talks and backyard games with little people running cheerfully in between the grownups. August was unknowingly spoilt but was more interested in the paper the gifts came in rather than the actual gifts.

The last days of the year have been spent with us curled up in bed sick and only now we are returning to our lively selves again to see off the year and welcome the new. I'm a little sad to see this year ending so quickly, so much has happened and those beautiful experiences feel too fresh and too recent for them to become last year's memories already, but I know they will and I am happy that at the very least, they are my own memories to keep and cherish forever.  


  1. Thank you Alyx. Wonderful to see and read/ Pia

  2. Just lovely, Alyx. I wish we were there with you. Love. Anders.