Wednesday, 12 September 2012

An average day

Yesterday was spent with a kind stranger. A lovely, older, Australian woman who delivered a well travelled package to me from my family. We walked through the old part of the city and drank coffee and ate ice cream, sharing stories about life. She had many wonderful stories to tell. I would love to share them but unfortunately they aren't mine to share.  She was full of spirit and life, traveling around the world with her husband and enjoying life to the fullest. It made growing older that little less daunting. She had so many plans and when she spoke about her husband she said that he was even more enthusiastic to do and explore.
That evening, after opening a package full of pictures my lovely mama took as well as a healthy amount of much needed Vegemite, Rasmus and I decided to stay up late. We love the night. August joined us for a time but fell asleep again after not too long. Rasmus and I lay in bed laughing uncontrollably. He often makes me laugh but last night I could't stop. Now, on a regular but pretty, Wednesday morning August woke us with his loud, deliberate baby talk, just like every morning, letting us know that he was ready to play. It's something that always makes me smile. Then all three of us sat on the balcony, Rasmus and I drank coffee and we enjoyed the sun gently warm our skin, watching the beginnings of Autumn. These are the tiny moments I live for.

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