Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Images from the past

Last night I retraced my steps by looking through all of my old photos I had taken throughout the last couple of years. I haven't felt incredibly satisfied with the amount I have done before August arrived but after looking at these, I happily realised that I have done and seen a lot more in recent years than I thought. Here are a few of my favourite memories and images.

On the Peak of Gibraltar, A British territory in Spain

 Evening sun at a music festival in Arvika

Colourful graffiti covered wall is Oslo, Norway

A concentrating Rasmus

 5 months pregnant with a special little bump. Just a few days before our wedding

A late night photo by Rasmus

 A bigger belly and excited parents to be

An evening fire with Rasmus

Beautiful, Stockholm cherry-blossoms in early summer
Me in my wedding dress

At home in Australia, shortly before leaving for Sweden

A sweet and young looking Rasmus

Rasmus and I in my home town in Australia

Dancing with strangers
Late night yoga in the park

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