Wednesday, 18 July 2012

An Australian visitor

My lovely dancing friend Kye was the first Australian, aside my family, to visit me since I've lived here in Sweden. After travelling to Amsterdam and Paris he came to Stockholm to spend some much needed catch up time with me and of course to meet my little boy. I had forgotten just how easy it was to have a conversation when speaking to a native English speaker. All the jokes and word-play worked and blurting out word after word at a fast pace was no problem at all. A surprising, relief would describe it best. 

We spent our time exploring Stockholm, drinking coffee, swimming in the cool Swedish lakes and taking long nature walks. In the evening outside with friends enjoying the unusually long summer days. We also spent hours on end reminiscing about the crazy times when we lived together in Perth, so many forgotten memories suddenly reappearing and for a moment I felt almost as if I was back there in Australia, dancing with our friends. Then all of a sudden I would look down at my baby boy and realise how much my life had changed. Its strange what the past can bring back. 

After a few short days Kye returned to Amsterdam to perform and I felt content in knowing that I had weaved a small part of my life in Australia to my new life here, rekindling a small part of me that I had left behind.

Thank you to my dear friend Kye for coming all this way and for being so wonderful!

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