Friday, 8 February 2013


When the snow has newly fallen and rests gently on the ground, soft and thick like a glittering cushion, we play. It was the first time August has really been in snow. Usually he is all rugged up far away from the reach of the cold.
In a shiny new sled we sat a fascinated little boy as his equally fascinated parents tentativley slid him through the snow. His little hands were glowing red with the cold as he busily ran them through the strange snow as the sled glided easily along. He sat calmly as he watched the white world around and when we ran with our little one sliding quickly behind, he screeched with delight.

He is still just a baby and still too small to be in the cold for long but I look forward to building snowmen and having snowball fights and then sagging tiredly afterwards into the odd, fluffy white stuff and making heavenly snow angels that will grow a little bigger each year just as he will. I'm making memories before they happen and they already make my heart glow.

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