Saturday, 10 November 2012

Grey days

Now our days are quiet and filled with organizing things. Things that we would rather not think about but are necessary all the same. Those dreadful grown-up things. We are visiting family again too because August and I are leaving on another adventure in a few days time and everybody wants their fill of him before we disappear. The days seem almost nonexistent and the sun is beginning to set in the early afternoon, long before it has risen high in the sky and I am filled with an overwhelming urge to hibernate. I am lethargic and slow as though there is a weight pushing down on me that I can't escape. That is how Winter can sometimes feel here, before the snow has fallen, the world is just grey.
August suddenly seems so big now and his playfulness and character are shining through more and more. I can't describe how delightful it is to be here to observe and be a part of his development, or sprouting as I like to say. I feel so overwhelmingly grateful to be his mother. As I write he grins at me from the other side of the living room, sitting happily in his Papa's arms.  No matter how grey it is outside these walls, nothing can dull tiny moments like these.


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