Friday, 24 August 2012

My little creature

Your breath smells of sweet milk and the beginning of smiles melts my heart. To have created you is beyond my wildest dreams and I am thankful for every moment of your existence. Scared every moment that it could end, I check that your tiny chest fills with air as you sleep, to think that it might stop at any moment is the darkest darkness I know.
You rest your hand on my breast as you eat, the other squirming with delight as I listen to my warm milk running down your throat.
It thrills me to be the one that can comfort you, the one that can gladden you. I drift off to sleep with you curled up by my side, so serene and uncaring. The world is left behind when you are in my arms, safe and warm.
Your beautiful eyes are wide and observant, sucking in all the knowledge of the world. You seem so wise for such a small creature. Is there something you know that I don't?
You are a part of me and your beautiful Papa. You are love. You were made with love and we will love you, my child, with our entire beings for all the time to come.


  1. So beautiful. I'm actually feeling moved to tears... :)

  2. That was Yasmine btw...